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RHMT DIY Hub Dyno?!?!? check it. (link)


92CXyD: Awesome!! 2022 Jan 17 22:56:59

n/a mike: Might make a post and throw them in, might not 2022 Jan 15 16:54:54

n/a mike: Hung out with Yuriy for a few hours this morning. We went to the largest weekly Cars and Coffee.  Even though it was raining they filled up the parking lot. I took a few pictures 2022 Jan 15 16:54:30

MTZ: I backed into a Subaru this morning with the rsx 😵😓 guess it’s a good excuse for a new paint job but gd 2022 Jan 14 21:03:30

CivicOCD: sup nogs O0 2022 Jan 14 17:30:33

MTZ: Sounds like the homie had a hell of a trip 😅 2022 Jan 14 13:28:41

92CXyD: He is heading to Seattle and Portland after Idaho then Cali  and south route back to Texas. 2022 Jan 07 12:40:57

92CXyD: Almost did multiple times, I80 and I25 were having rolling closures for the last 3days. 2022 Jan 07 12:39:54

92CXyD: Next day he drives to Idaho took him 10hrs, thru the mountains, missing the hwy 28 road closure matter of minutes, and whiteouts thru the mountains. 2022 Jan 07 12:38:04

92CXyD: Yuri text me this morning he left Casper made it to Riverton, to much white knuckle driving to continue, he start the drive at like 3pm. 2022 Jan 07 12:36:50

n/a mike: He'll be in SoCal soon, weather here is nice, but it rained for 2 weeks straight last month 2022 Jan 07 01:44:28

MTZ:  :noel: :noel: :noel: 2022 Jan 05 15:56:58

92CXyD: Yuri stuck in Casper due to weather, may have to take him back out for drink again tonight.  :noel: 2022 Jan 05 15:39:21

MTZ: I’ve been recovering from Covid this week (unvax) shits just a flu x2 sucks but it’s just a flu ... 2022 Jan 04 00:45:52

MTZ: Get the man back on the site 🙏🏻 2022 Jan 04 00:45:05

92CXyD: speaking of Yuri, anyone got picts from this thread https://realhomemadeturbo.com/forum/index.php?topic=13122.0 2022 Jan 03 15:42:04

92CXyD: POST UP Yuri!!!! 2022 Jan 03 15:21:32

92CXyD: P 2022 Jan 03 15:21:19

92CXyD: BoostedSchemes (Yuri) need to put up a thread on all his latest cross country travels, he'll be visiting me mid week and I know he has visited a bunch of Nogs already. 2022 Jan 03 15:21:14

MTZ: happy new year ! hope this new year brings yall many blessings ! 2021 Dec 31 23:00:15

MTZ: 😅 2021 Dec 30 13:34:32

n/a mike: Disregard, I need to let shit go 2021 Dec 26 23:54:31

n/a mike: *for legal reasons... 2021 Dec 26 22:42:45

n/a mike: Trying to find a vehicle i used to own 2021 Dec 26 22:42:23

n/a mike: Anyone get a name from a California license plate or vin? 2021 Dec 26 22:38:53

Conceptz-X: Merry Christmas 2021 Dec 25 21:10:50

n/a mike: Merry Christmas and happy holidays bitches 2021 Dec 25 01:31:24

MTZ: Happy holidays niggers  O0 2021 Dec 20 17:41:23

92CXyD: sort of I think he has to deal with partners more 2021 Dec 17 13:56:09

MTZ: Really just a rename then ? 2021 Dec 16 22:16:20

92CXyD: Spiker, Chris is closing Xenocron to do more with https://racespeconline.com/ 2021 Dec 15 12:51:45

92CXyD: My thoughts exactly 2021 Dec 13 12:12:25

bigdaddyvtec: He made enough to retire. Good for him and fuck him at the same time lol 2021 Dec 12 12:37:23

MTZ: Shoot me the pic link and txt I’ll upload it ASAP 2021 Dec 03 00:57:26

92CXyD: Rene haven't changed the front page, don't know how 2021 Dec 02 23:05:33

MTZ:  :noel: 2021 Dec 02 20:56:03

92CXyD: On Daspoops old 1G Integra, I've had for last 6yrs or so, the 92-95 civic 2.5" exhaust with minor adjustments except the axle back wow. 2021 Dec 02 10:03:32

92CXyD: 20% off all posted prices 2021 Nov 23 21:28:11

MTZ: Can’t wait for the clearance sale prices, sad to see him close up though 2021 Nov 23 21:16:54

92CXyD: https://www.xenocron.com/ closing shop end of year  :noel: 2021 Nov 23 14:36:09

92CXyD: most do, so far I've been lucky with my highlander hybrid, at 215k  miles in 9yrs 2021 Nov 17 01:10:09

n/a mike: Do all cvt transmissions suck and break or is it just honda 2021 Nov 16 02:15:04

MTZ: should have ! 2021 Nov 15 16:29:21

ratcityrex: You hit up Mike @ lsd motorsports? 2021 Nov 13 18:56:24

MTZ: they cancelled the exedy pp cc clutch combo i wanted 2021 Nov 11 09:29:54

MTZ: finally picked up a clutch masters FX400 for the rsx hopefully this week ill get to do work 2021 Nov 11 09:24:31

92CXyD: ideas for front page? 2021 Nov 09 10:31:55

92CXyD:  :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: 2021 Oct 31 00:42:41

MTZ:  O0 O0 O0 O0 2021 Oct 30 19:42:01

ratcityrex: Shit, they already passes new min wage laws here in wa state. Min wage jan 1st will be 14.49 2021 Oct 21 22:10:03

MTZ: inflation is real, anything you buy now will be worth so much more soon as the dollar purchasing power continues to dwindle, once they pass new minimum wage laws its lights out for the economy 2021 Oct 21 05:40:24

ratcityrex: Actually think I'm gonna borrow 100k against it and build a 40x65 shop with a 800sf apartment in it and rent the apartment out for $1800/month. Probably profit about $1200/month and ill invest that into a duplex or something and rent that shit out too. 2021 Oct 20 22:35:02

ratcityrex: He's on Instagram all the time. All I know is invest in real-estate...lol I built my house back in 2017 and our house appraised for 440,000. Now its work $1,000,000 which is totally inflated but it makes me want to sell and move to Jamaica 🇯🇲 2021 Oct 20 22:31:45

MTZ: ( • )( • ) 2021 Oct 20 18:45:56

92CXyD: I see UI on FB a lot he seems to be in to other things now, I'll send him a message 2021 Oct 20 14:24:58

MTZ: anyone into cacti? been buying trichocereus cuts lately. where is urbanindian? lol 2021 Oct 19 19:58:58

MTZ: dooooo iiiit! 2021 Oct 12 09:48:10

92CXyD: that be awesome :noel: 2021 Oct 12 09:03:40

colt45: The succubus story?  Gather round my friends and listen to a tale of cocaine and hilarity... 2021 Oct 11 18:14:43

bigdaddyvtec: Lumpia and weed are appropriate 2021 Oct 07 16:11:55

Joseph Davis: I mean, if it were Johnny Bliss they have a red white and blue MURICUH basket, buy two, miss ya cowboy. 2021 Oct 07 01:04:16

Joseph Davis: The flower options for Jay's funeral.  Fuck.  Nothing seems right. 2021 Oct 07 01:03:25

MTZ: boost it till it blows up 2021 Oct 06 22:48:47

ratcityrex: Even has the factory Honda cassette deck in it. 2021 Oct 06 22:34:01

ratcityrex: About to try and throw my stock accord up for sale. Just to get lowballed and ill probably end up donating it. 96 accord LX 4door. 235k miles. 5 speed.  Whats it worth? 2021 Oct 06 22:33:25

92CXyD: good, did a fuel pump on one of those, so damn easy, put in a stock EG fuel pump in the housing. 2021 Oct 06 16:28:21

MTZ: but ill take pics  ;DDD 2021 Oct 06 13:09:57

MTZ: I need a new clutch on the RSX so im gonna tear down and do a few things at the same time, chain, tensioner, tranny synchros  :-[ not really looking forward to it since id rather it be on the road 2021 Oct 06 13:04:22

MTZ: #flipnog  O0 2021 Oct 02 08:25:14

92CXyD: worked for me, did the direct pay route 2021 Oct 01 12:13:42

ratcityrex: Sounds good man. 2021 Oct 01 00:30:40

MTZ: thx for trying ratcityrex ill post up once paypal enables us again 2021 Sep 30 23:34:35

92CXyD: kool :noel: 2021 Sep 30 10:17:52

n/a mike: You want the crz if I sell it? I'll shoot you a message tomorrow 2021 Sep 29 23:55:49

92CXyD: Message me info CRZ 2021 Sep 29 15:26:35

92CXyD: nice! 2021 Sep 29 15:26:15

n/a mike: This is tempting...  https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/375365414032994/ 2021 Sep 29 13:23:36

n/a mike: The crz needs some work (new shocks,, tires,) so if I buy another car I'll be selling the crz. I'm just not sure the kswap will be worth it, especially since it absolutely won't pass smog checks. Even my dirty smog guy can't do cars newer than 2002 2021 Sep 29 11:44:12

92CXyD: Mike swap the k into the crz :noel: 2021 Sep 29 10:37:59

ratcityrex: Crz not credit. Damn auto correct 2021 Sep 29 10:30:26

ratcityrex: I would get a shitbox to fuckaround with instead of going through all that work on the credit. 2021 Sep 29 10:29:59

n/a mike: Turbo kswap my crz? 2021 Sep 27 22:59:27

bigdaddyvtec: JohnMichael, Isa your buttoles tinglings? 2021 Sep 27 12:27:27

MTZ: good to hear conceptz!!!  ;DDD ;DDD ;DDD 2021 Sep 27 08:40:59

MTZ: Sup civicocd! 2021 Sep 27 08:40:30

CivicOCD: Whassup mother Fuckers its been a while 2021 Sep 27 07:41:18

Conceptz-X: I'm out of the DR tomorrow.  Headed to Cancun.   Actually, it seems to be working just fine now.  Nothing changed, idk. 2021 Sep 27 06:50:43

92CXyD: Colt45, how did the succubus story end, did she take your brother's sole or they divorce now???? 2021 Sep 27 00:41:06

ratcityrex: 💩 2021 Sep 26 23:46:25

MTZ:  O0 2021 Sep 26 19:54:14

colt45: what up fools? 2021 Sep 26 19:31:28

MTZ: @ratcity you still have a few months of work on the nova   :o 2021 Sep 26 16:11:47

MTZ: im blaming the dominican internet, even their water is shady  ;DDD , im in PR next door so latency might not be the actual issue lmk if you get a chance to try different isp 2021 Sep 26 11:40:10

Conceptz-X: I'll try something different 2021 Sep 26 07:13:39

92CXyD: I'M using Win10, but use Opera 79.0.4143.50 2021 Sep 26 00:47:16

Conceptz-X: Anybody else logged on from a Windows computer on Firefox having issues? 2021 Sep 25 22:49:37

Conceptz-X: test test test testtest test test tes tsttes test testtes test test tes test test test tes test test test testtest test testtest test    nope, idk.  Never had it happen before. 2021 Sep 25 22:47:44

ratcityrex: The typing is now very smooth in thd Beach house. 2021 Sep 25 17:30:15

MTZ: i changed the beachhouse to a live mode, instead of update every 5 secs wondering if thats what conceptz was experiencing let me know if anyone notices any issues 2021 Sep 25 11:38:18

Conceptz-X: This site was home for ma years, even after the Rick P BS.  Glad its back. 2021 Sep 24 20:20:40

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