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my rwd crx project CRX2000!

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i can't update the "other forum" thread because i've been banned.  oh well.

slightly modified, but all the pics are here.

ok, i've been working on this for a couple years.  i only recently got all 4 wheels back on the car (temporarily so i can move the car because i'm moving shop).  i will update with more detailed pics once things become more permanent.

here is where i started.  1989 crx si that i've owned for 12 years.  2000 ap1 f20c.  s14 jdm rear end with viscous type lsd.  when i bought the drivetrain, it came with the rear end complete, except for the subframe.  i'd researched that the stock s2000 rear ends were not that happy being abused so i was able to sell it all and get the s14 complete rear end for 2/3rds what i sold the s2000 rear for.  more money for the project.

i already had a dh-racing tb so i figured i'd bore the intake for it.

before cutting

after preliminary cutting

some powdercoating

test fitting the engine/tranny

engine is mounted, but still need a tranny mount

turbo manifold started

rear end tacked in place

rear suspension started

it is now on the ground for the first time in almost 2 years

i haven't had a chance to take any recent pics because i'm moving my shop, but once everything is moved i'll get some more pics up.

right now the car is together, because i had to move my shop and put 4 wheels on it to move the car along with everything else.  the engine and rear end are coming out probably early next week so i can use them for an upcoming show i have a booth at.

the rear suspension needs some adjustment because some of my measurements were off, but nothing serious.  also, i'm trying to source some softer springs because the current springs are far too stiff (700lb/in).  i'm looking for something in the 200 range.

This shit is true baller status. Nice fucking work Aaron.

Good to see you here Aaron. Thanks for the flanges their gonna work out awesome


Glad ya made it Aaron (as if anyone expected anything less).

I've seen this thing in person  .... one word ... AWESOME !


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