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most of my info comes from here so i wanted show what ive made learning from you guys.
my car started off as a junkyard build and its been getting better

getting the injectors wired up to the resistor box

making the flange

installing the turbo

making the downpipe

intercooler install

intercooler piping

four loko

porting the turbo

broke the motor

then built the engine and installed a mfactory diff

put in a clutch too

newer set up

random pics of car....

mock up of gauge cluster

homemade projectors

ripper vids
first night it was turboed
Turbo zx2 escort vs modded e36 328is

raised the boost
Turbo Escort ZX2 10-12psi pull

raced an evo8
Zx2 turbo vs evo8
Zx2 turbo vs evo8 2

raced a stock supra
Zx2 turbo vs stock mk3 supra turbo

raced a modified eclipse
Turbo zx2 vs new modded eclipse 40-120

raced a modified evo 9 mr
turbo zx2 vs modified evo 9 mr 1
turbo zx2 vs modified evo 9 mr 2
turbo zx2 vs modified evo 9 mr 3




This should set an example for a noob post!

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