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Offical Dyno numbers Thread and 1/4 mile times POST YOURS UP HERE!

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Not my personal car but one  I built and tuned for a very good friend

91 crx si
b18c1 aebs 81mm sleeved block
eagle rods
fully built and ported  gsr head with un known cams thought they were stock gsr but after it continued to pull past 9k figured they weren't
victor x im with id1000 injectors
walbro 340 intank pump stock lines
stock ignition
holset hx35 8 blade
clutchnet custom 6 puck
pump gas pull 490 whp@22psi
528 whp@28 psi and 9000 rpm
would have liked to get more out of it but we ran into ignition issues after 500+

thing really wanted to reving higher but this is a street car thru and thru had to drive 100 miles home after dyno

Well I forgot to post in here after the dyno day this summer. Better late than never.

327 .060 over 9.3:1ish comp
Pretty much stock bottom end
Single plane intake
Real mild cam, like 80s lt1 mild
Holley 600cfm carb
Low 13s afrs at wot
STOCK cast iron exhaust manifolds and dual 2" exhaust through stock mufflers.

Last year I was on a dynojet and it made 185hp/222 tq
This year it was on a dyno dynamics and made 196hp280tq.
only thing that changed from last year to this year is I got rid of my points and put in a pertronix. 
38° timing.

Last year's dyno sheet

this year

Peak numbers art a huge differance, but look at the hp and tq differance at 3k. And I was wondering why it felt so much better this

92 Civic si
nippon turbo pistons eagle rods with morso block filler
holset hx40 with 16cm exhaust housing
900cc injector nation injectors
omni power 3 bar maps sensor
3" charge piping with  4.5" thick intercooler from gmc cyclone
ITR trans with stock exedy pp with clutchmasters kevlar disk
gsr head port and polish with stock cams springs ect.
dyno rpm is off a lil bit peak hp was at 8500 ish

Nice work  :noel:


stock block LS
Built Ls head
Crower package
Holset hx35
2gal of 93/5gal of q16

502/402 @23psi
Dynocom dyno


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