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Small Block Chevy Single Turbo Build

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Figured I'd throw this in fab since that's 90% of this build.

Car is a 65 Nova. Kinda hard to get a good pic of it. Too much shit in the shop.

The owner, lol

Motor is a fresh 358 with Eagle crank, rods and JE pistons.ARP main studs, head studs etc. Its gonna be running Megasquirt 2 with wasted spark.

Still need to paint it and get rid of that orange.

Ebay manifolds with some v-bands welded on.

Fabbing up an efi manifold for it. I'm also using this car for my senior project which is tunable PWM water/meth injection.

We have three days scheduled to get a good tune on the car then do testing on the water/meth injection starting sat march 31st, so this is gonna move pretty quickly.

Random Hero:
Awesome. I'm in.

Sweet, Novas are one of the muscle cars I've always liked.

How do you keep chips off the tool setter? Or do you just use it for initial length register (you would obviously be able to keep it clean then) and not for tool life management?


Only recommendation is to go MS3X. I've used MS3X and MS2E, MS3X is 10X better. if it's the owners decision, tell him it's worth the extra money even on a budget ass build. I have a perfectly good working MS2E on the miata and REALLy want to fuck it up change it to MS3X


--- Quote from: carkrazed on February 22, 2012, 12:37:47 AM ---I have never used the probe. Probably cause I don't know how, lol. When I change a tool out, I indicate it the old fashioned way. Is it supposed to covered or something?

--- End quote ---

Balls dude. Tool touch probes are so much faster, more accurate/repeatable.

Yeah mine are all covered, I'll try to snap a couple pictures.


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