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F2B & H2B nonsense build thread (LOTS of pictures & nsfw)

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--- Quote from: HiProfile on February 25, 2014, 09:09:50 PM ---Unless someone wants to donate 1-2 OBD2 throttle bodies (60mm) that don't have FITV ports.

--- End quote ---

Damn I just threw one away two weeks ago, and I'm always willing to hook a nigga up.

Sticky ftw!

I almost forgot about this thread. Right now the F22 Del Sol is in retirement since the task of prototyping worked out. My H23A Integra thread has more info in it & is a bit more condensed. I do plan to put this swap (or something similar with an F22A head & F23 block) into my 95 Civic very soon. I'd use the 272 cam and K20A2 intake manifold if possible. I'd like to use the F23A head, but I'm missing part of the vtec solenoid & doesn't accept the K20A IM.

Maybe try a good cam?  That would probably work better.  :P

I already have the cam. I don't have any racecars atm, so no need for any balls-deep parts ATM.


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