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an electronic det can that works ~~~~NSFW~~~~

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You need it all. I'm usually screwing around on an engine dyno, and regular det cans just are not loud enough for that. I had actually started building a charge amp myself using the same chip as the hf stethescope. Anyhow I have done a lot of screwing around with this and there is a thousand bs write ups out there about building electronic det cans. I have tried most of them, this is far and away better. If you need (not everybody needs or even uses one) an electronic det can, this is better then anything else you can build. I'll try and post some audio of the different sensors and such. But I'm not sure that will show difference. Most of my old det cans, if I could hear them at all, knock sounded like rain on a metal roof, or marbles In a jar, or something like that. With this one it just sounds like knock and that's it, lifters sound like lifters, piston slap sounds like piston slap. Not guessing is good. To me it sounds just like a regular det can (bolt and hose style) just way louder.

Why dont you just buy an accelerometer and quit fucking around?

Its like 150 for an acellerometer with the freq response and sense that youd need and then you just need a charge amp and a little ni daq card to read your shit.

A sens of 10 mv/g should be cool for an engine and 10-10khz for freq response. You can get 20 khz sensors but as long as you get one where youre not hitting resonant frequency you can use a charted value. Ill calibrate your shit on the ninja to nist traceable standards for 100 bucks but you shall revieve no paperwork and if you send me somthing thats not pcb, dytran, endevco, umholtz or kistler, ill send it back so you can stick it up your ass.  Or i could be really nice and teach you how to take an old subwoofer a sig gen and an a.(car stereo, synth, skinflute, whatever) amplifier so you can learn how to calibrate these fuckers on the ghetto.

Not trying to be a dick because the video was cool and useful but those acells are probably not very acurate and i dont want to see you waste smarts and time replicating equipmemt thata not too ecpensive in the first place. Not correcting my typing because android is bullshit.

Great job! I now have another thing to pick up from HF. Would love more specifics on which sensor you are using and how you hooked it up. Thanks

I'm getting one.  Caleb you can come down n listen if ya want...  I like finding stuff that is 90% built already n just needs a little tweaking to do what I need.  Thanks Nock!


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