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making my 73 ford courier go fast, turn, and stop

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so i picked up this ford courier a few moths back with the dream of decent handling, solid braking, and 500whp.

what im going to be using:

Kia/mazda FE3N possibly gasket matched ports but thats about it

Holeset HX35 with BEP T3 housing
Tial MVS 38mm external waste gate

Drive train:
Mazda B2600 trans- possibly with the RX7 TII gears inside
99 Ford Explorer 8.8 3.73 lsd 31 spline with disc brakes
custom drive shaft
i havent decided on what clutch im going to run yet, i loved my spec so i might go that route

triangulated 4 link with coil overs mounted as far out as possible
full mustang 2 front end narrowed 5"

front Ford Granada 11" rotors with metric GM calipers and pads(standard Mustang II "big brake" set up)
stock ford explorer rear discs, calipers, and e brake

there is a lot i have to get into place before i can even get the engine/trans mounted

first i had to weld in some temporary cross members to keep the frame straight. then i got to remove the stock garbage. 6 hrs, one plasma cutter tip, 4 cut off wheels, and 2 full grinding wheels later the frame rails were all pretty

using this awesome thread i was able to figure out i needed my cross member to be narrowed 5" to set the proper track width.
i drew up my measurements on a piece of 10ga plate and got cutting

i bolted the 2 plates together, leveled my frame,centered them on my lines, leveled the cross member, and weled them up

I made the upper control arm mounts out of 1/4 plate. i used the mustang 2 anti-dive angle instead of making them flat because its a truck and it will be front end heavy.
 i centered and bolted the uca mounts to a pair of extra bars i had laying around to make sure they didnt move.  i then double checked that the frame was level and centered the uca mounts with a plumb bob. once they were welded into place i boxed them in with 10ga plate and gusseted the over hang and welded in the shock mounts which are also made from 1/4 plate.

Take it easy on him. He's one of my good friends. Lmfao.

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noob thread done in general discussion


--- Quote from: fastivab6tg25mr on September 26, 2015, 06:55:33 PM ---noob thread done in general discussion

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Not done missing important elements  :noel:

this is pretty fuckin cool, and i will be keeping an eye on it. seen your GD post first, was thinking build thread in fab section wasnt the right place, guess im wrong. lol.

are you going to be shortening one side of the explorer rear end? if so im every interested in that as i would like to do that with my nova. can you document that well for me?

anyway. interesting combo of parts. seems every interesting. and im guessing pretty solid. keep us up to date!


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