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My most expensive build yet......FORT REX COMPOUND

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So some of you know that I sold my house a few months ago and im living with my inlaws. We got a pretty good check for selling our house here in the town of Poulsbo WA. So now it's on to bigger and better things. My wife and I have a 2 1/2 year old son who wants nothing to do but dig in the dirt, throw rocks, break shit and kill things. So we're looking to build a new house on some land. The housing market in Seattle/Puget sound area is fucking nuts.

Plan, 5 acers, 2200ish square feet, 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage and a shop.

We put a offer in on 5 acers. Right now we are pending feasibility. So everything is up in the air until everything checks out.

Anyways on to pics and I will update this as I go. The 5 acers is around 690ish' × 350'ish. Surrounded by a bunch of other 5 acers lots. With pretty much no houses on them.
The property is located in Kingston WA. It's about 1 hour from seattle. 30min ferry ride and a 20 min drive.

Oh shit congrats!


that is a pretty awesome floor plan. and from the picture of the outside it looks like it might be small.

Yeah it's a dope ass floor plan. I've actually waked through this same house b4. It has a small footprint but maximized the square footage with livable space. Dustin, once I break ground you will have to hop on the ferry and come over for a BBQ or something.

sure. I would love to check it out.


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