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Porsche 944 ls swap

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Stanced out to make all the pussies wet

seat in for a test fit and to sit in it and make racecar noises. I gutted the car awhile ago. The stock interior was fucked from the battery tray being rusted and water leaking into the passenger side. All the carpet was rotted, seated rotted, seat brackets rusted etc.

mostly stripped down original motor.  Previous owner didnt do the 30k timing belt, smashed all the valves.

Stinky ass LM4 aluminum 5.3 in the back of my xterra.

Figuring out this pos mig fixing the battery tray rust. Seam sealed the entire thing then rhino-lined it. Hopefully it never rusts again.

Using the corvette c5 slave with remote bleeder and lines that cost too fucking much.

Corvette c5 bellhousing, torque tube to bellhousing adapter, misc bullshit.

Spec clutch, JD said it was shit and I should get a mcleod twin disc.

so I did.

purp fuel rails so i can blaze it.

Fuel pump installed so I can wheelie.

using the wix filter/regulator combo from a c5 vette and running -6 from the tank to the rail

old motor out with no lift pure brute strength lol.

bay cleaned up further once i could get in there to do work.

using cave man tactics to put the engine on the stand. Still no lift at this time.

All observers thought i was going to die.

Put the pan on the engine so I could find where the pan needed to be cut to clear the cross member.

cut pan finished.

cleaned the valve covers to paint them black so that they may never go back.

#blacked. Didn't come out that well.

ls1 intake, chinese fuel rails, custom accessory bracket that im not sure if I like or not. I should have just bought the fbody shit for the lower mounting points.

the harness. I had to convert from DBW to DBC and remove a bunch of shit.

harness finished and labeled.

stock brake booster does not fit with the swap.

The options are manual brakes, electronic booster or hydro boost.

This is a hydroboost unit from a mustang cobra.  hissssssssssssssss

Hydroboost bracket finished and hydroboost mounted.

Car back on the ground for the first time in years.

Initial test fit of the engine.

Motor sitting in the car for the first time bolted down.

Coil packs hit the hydroboost so the last pack needed to be moved up an inch.

that ebay throttle body hit the hood so I had to go with an ls1 unit.
Harness looks great in this picture I'm sure everything will go fine.

lalalalalalala installing injector clips


Shiny fucking headers because mine were an inch too wide on the passenger side.

car almost ready to be started. Still need to do something about the filter and the maf. There's not a lot of room up front and my power steering mount fucks me. Would have been fine with the fbody shit but I dont want to spend that much on brackets and an fbody pully.

I skipped building the power steering lines I guess.

remote mount oil filter bracket made and buggered on.

Caught the horns on a little bit of fire during this.

Y pipe built that I still need to unfuck. I angled it down a little too much and one of the 02 sensors is at a poor angle because of it.

The second start of the car.

All the smoke is the oil burning off from fogging the cylinders down.

That's about where I'm at. Next steps are brakes, get the clutch working (bad master), and get it to a cage shop.

There's a lot of pictures and shit I'm leaving out because I'm too lazy to connect to my phone so this is all instagram shit.

Let the shit talk commence.

cool  O0



Fuck yeah!!

I love 944's  :noel:

Where's the turbo go?


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