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Camshafts Stage 2 S2 degreeing


Hi! i have a problem with a K20A2 stock build. just S2 valvetrain and S2 Stage 2 tuner series. I dont know why, after to change everything i still have rattly noise when i rev it up the engine, VTC cam gear is new one even, i know it's VTC because when it's making noise, i disconnect VTC soneloid and noise dissapear. So i finally decided to order S2 Intake cam gear for eliminate VTC.

S2 send me info about camshaft, there a screen..and my doubt about this is...VTC Oem cam fully advance is 4 degree crank more than SKunk2 Intake cam gear, Ok

This engine is using everything Stock internals, including stock pistons. S2 recommend when VTC cam gear is used, 40 to 35 Advanced. so, since S2 Intake cam gear can be advanced up to 20 degree only safe? i know i have to do this on dyno for to see results, but i'd like to know the limit advancing using S2 intake cam gear.

Any input? Thanks!

Not a K series guy but I have not heard good work from S2 in a long time. :-\

Joseph Davis:
VTC is the point of having a K-series...

You obviously had a bad solenoid or gear.


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