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Fucking hell I havn't been here in a while.  Kid put a damper on me fucking with Honda's for years and I got hooked with airplanes.  Finally decided I needed a boosted shit box again.  Scored this POS for free, then bought 50 Shades of Red from AJ for parts.  Been picking away at this thing slowly for the last few months.  So far, DPFI swap complete, SOHC ZC in it from 50 shades, Auto to Manual done.  Need to get a new windshield put in then it's on the streets.

On the side, I have been gathering parts like crazy.  Goal is 400 to the wheels.  Enjoy some pics fuckers.

The two cars before making 1.  Scrat and 50 Shades of Red

Nothings Free!  I drug the silver one out of some blackberries where it had sat for two years.

Starting to get it cleaned up.

Pulling the interior of 50 shades,  who ever put the seats in this thing was obviously from here.  Had to get creative to get the seats out.

Getting the guts out of 50 Shades.  ZC Mother fucker!

Getting the old automajic and tiny ass d15 out of Scrat.  Easy way to get at that back mount  O0

Putting in a new tiny battery.  To bad it's in the way for my new intercooler.  Need to redo this now

ZC in scrat (only temporary)

Shiny new non ching chow turbo

Old wastegate I had sitting around.  Missing a valve/seat and has a chingchow hat on it.  Ordered all new parts to put it back together

Had this sitting in a drawer in my tool box.  Score!
shit I had laying around

Scored a LS bottom end for $100

Also got a b16 head for it all ready to go

And new to me intercooler showed up yesterday.  Backdoor setup runs into the battery so need to move that now.

Also started on this slow process last night.  No bolts loosening up on this turbo build.

Misread it as "Scat". Not disappointed.

Sweet build.  Nice seeing another fresh project.

It really does need a better name hahaha

Hell ya saw this on FB was wondering when you would post this on here.  :noel:

Damn long time, looking great! BTW i fixed one of your pics :noel:


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