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FINALLY Got An AC Tig!!!!

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For many years I have wanted an AC tig and plenty of times I could have afforded one, but priorities have always gotten in my way. Welp.... the moons aligned and the right deal finally came at the right time. Picked up this Miller Dialarc HF for $250. The thing is massive and 30-ish years old. Was used at Disney World in Orlando it's entire life. Downsides are that it's massive and only sine wave, upsides are that it was cheap, works perfectly, has water cooled torch and it welds aluminum. Anyway, here is my first attempt at sticking 2 pieces together after running a few beads on just flat material.

Can't wait to finally use it for something useful. I have spent the last year or so just doing things I need to do and pretty much nothing I want to do. That is changing here in a few weeks.

Fuck me.... its been so long since ce I was on a forum, I was looking for the like button!

Looks better than my A/C converter HF fluxcore steel welds   :noel:

I know its ugly. Just posting to show how things progress. lol.

I was surprised that the thinner material of the charge pipe wasn't as bad as I expected compared to the thicker material. I think it would look a million times better if I had a welding table and was seated comfortably. Everything about this was uncomfortable and hard to see.

Is it hard to use? What are the consumable costs like for aluminum tig?


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