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My brand new 4x4 diesel rig! My mid life crisis rig

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Kioti ck4010se hst (Bobcat but orange) both made by Daedong (south Korean)
0% financing
0 down
7 year unlimited hour warranty

Daedong 1826cc 3cyl diesel
Hst trans
Locking rear diff
Extra large hydro cooler
Extra large oil cooler
Dual air filter intake box

Loader lifting 1850lbs
Loader breakout force 3450lbs
66" 1/3 yard bucket
2 rear sets of hydros
3rd function on loader
Box blade
Cruise control
Link pedal
Suspension seat
Dual arm rests
Floor mat
Tilt steering
Cup holders
Cigarette lighter/charger port
Quick adjust 3 point
3 point lift capacity is around 1650lbs
Electronic or manual pto (when you have it in electric mode and you raise yourn3 point it auto shuts off and auto on when you lower it back down. Nice feature for when your brush hogging)

First mod was i welded a receiver hitch onto the box blade so I can move my trailers and wood splitter around the property. Next was i welded a receiver hitch on top of the buck and put a D-ring hitch in so I can use that to tie off to or use it to pull shit around. Ill get pics of those and upload the sweet sweet smell of harbor freight mig welds and receiver hitch.

Need some updates on this sick ride. I think a manual boost controller works on most things, let's get this thing doing wheelies

Cruise control? never heard of cruise control on tractors  :noel:

Lol, I just ordered a wood chipper. Fucking thing is sick. Can't wait to get it. It will chip up to 8" logs.


--- Quote from: 92CXyD on February 01, 2022, 10:39:38 AM ---Cruise control? never heard of cruise control on tractors  :noel:

--- End quote ---

Every tractor I have ever used had a throttle pedal, but also a lever that you could just set and leave. I’d imagine that has to be the cruise control


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