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**UPDATE** PayPal is enabled again.

Direct donations can be made to on paypal.

BTC Address : 3GrniDFbG5VhSNcrCNytsLPQayjeVLFm9v

our site funding plan in detail

Site subscriptions are now enabled, you can see the option in your forum profile. we set up a $2 site donation to help cover site domain and server fees. 100% of funding will be used to pay for RHMT site fees. If you donate to the site we will setup an email forward of your choice. i am going to post a tutorial here on how to use this email from your gmail account to send and receive from. Note *emails with attachments get dropped (html,css,layouts are ok its actual MB size attachments that get dropped)

Notes: Donors who dont reply with a preferred email on this thread will end up with forwarding to the email used on your forum account, if you don't follow the steps below on section "Sending emails FROM your new email" you will only be able to use that address to receive emails.

Donating to the site/ Getting a RHMT email

Step 1. Go to your Forum Profile and click on "paid subscription"
Step 2. Sign up for site funding donation by clicking on "Order", it uses paypal.
Step 3. At some point during the sign up you can choose for the subscription to auto renew (makes things easier so admin doesn't need to enable disable the email every month but choose as you want. 
Step 4. post here that you are now a donor and your preferred email.

Sending emails FROM your new email.

Step 1. Go to your gmail account and login.
Step 2. Click on Settings then "See all settings" or go to
Step 3. Click on Accounts and Import tab
Step 4. on section "Send mail as:" click "Add another email address"
Step 5. Enter your Name on the popup, and the email you chose. unclick "treat as an alias" click next
Step 6.
            SMTP server:
            Username: your gmail email
            PW: APP SPECIFIC PW or YOUR GMAIL PW *see notes
            Port: 587
            Click on "secure connection using tls"

*sometimes you must enable less secure login settings, i prefer to use an app specific pw if you go to use the search at the top to make ​your life easier and look for "app passwords". once you create an app pw copy and paste  it where you need it as its only displayed once.

Step 7. Verify your new account; You will receive an email on your google account that was actually sent to your new email address, go ahead and click the link to finish adding your rhmt email to your gmail, (emails fwds like this can sometimes take an extra min initially, go take a smoke break)

Step 8. Reload gmail, click compose and see if you see a from section that you can choose your old gmail or the rhmt email address, additionally there is a setting in "Account and Import" that lets you choose the default address to reply and send from.
I will help you figure things out on the beachhouse, you only have to do it once!

detailed finances thread on OG Forum.

Perfect, now how can I just do a 1 time payment of $100 and be good for a while?


--- Quote from: ratcityrex on September 30, 2021, 06:37:09 PM ---Perfect, now how can I just do a 1 time payment of $100 and be good for a while?

--- End quote ---

i added direct paypal donation link to the top of the thread, good catch!

Any chance you take a BTC Lightning payment?


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