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Custom MLS head gaskets

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Does anyone have an idea where i can have an MLS head gasket made? I melted another one and ejected another freeze plug out this morning.

It's for a 99 kia Sportage FE3N engine. 

I've called Cometic and they said no to MLS but they said they can make a solid copper one. I have zero experience with copper head gaskets to know if that's a better option than stock graphite.

O-ring the head or block and run a copper gasket.

I've asked several machine shops and they said it's not possible without the correct fixture which no one has.

MTZ:  You can diy

Joseph Davis:
A copper gasket will seep coolant over time (WATCH it) and cosmetic amounts of oil over time.  But short of breaking or pushing through it they are reusable.  I think you may need to anneal with a torch between uses?  Be a good egg and research; I do dick for mechanical work anymore.

--- Quote from: MTZ on October 02, 2021, 02:12:09 PM ---  You can diy

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That's cool as fuck


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