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2000 Dakota R/T

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i bought this 2000 r/t for cheap $4300 to fixup and sell eventually. i've literally had over 20 cars since i stopped posting on rHMT... i've been buying them cheap / fixing up and selling. i did this buying / fixing / selling up to a show car quality 07 CTS-V.


i love this truck might keep it for a long time. i basically bought it a lot because it already had a "built" transmission.

i had to rebuild all the suspension, i mean literally everything. has DJM 2" drop.
new exhaust
tons of new random motor electronics
tons of coolant leaks everywhere
a lot of cosmetic fixes, decals, etc
fixing dents
all new power steering including the damn rack
rebuilt brakes
some gaskets, had to do the intake plenum gasket  ::)
tons of other crap i can't remember

i'm going to build a rHMT turbokit for it soon, and funny i got the email saying to come back lol...

i'll post a few pics of the work i did on the truck, not everything though.

i fucking love this truck and its a great cruiser. going to hit the drags this weekend to get a before time. i'm expecting low 15s

this is when i got it, they had been driving it for a long time on one REALLY bad ball join, the tire was literally sitting sideways. the lady was like i can't get a shop to align it, i tried three. she didn't mention that the shop was probably like you need to do all new suspension lololol

all ball joins, bushings, shocks, end links, sway bar bullshit etc...

spray can because of bad clear, the clear eventually came through but i was just trying to get by for a while without the horrible look. needs to be done right with primer. same with hood. i ended up spray can plasti dipping the hood

rear bumper was smashed and fucked. bought a new one off ebay for a regular dakota. only difference is the dakota r/t is painted...

front bumper had a big dent on it. i did was really quick job on it and if you get up close you can see the outline of the dent still lololol

spray on plasti dipped all the handles and mirrors and some of the trim. it was all dull and shitty. its been over a year and its starting to wear off. i literally wash whatever car i'm driving everyday in the summer


inner grill

removed the retarded badges and put on all the stock decals and badges, made it look a lot better

did all new 3" exhaust with super 40 flowmaster. got that old school sound. one of the best sounding engines.
had to do the spark plug defouler trick to get the rear o2 to stop throwing a cel. worked great. i have HPT for JTEC+ but it not full featured, you can turn off the rear o2 cel and it still comes on  :)

fixing all the coolant leaks, kept having to feed it water every couple weeks. was seeping out of every orifice just like your mom when i leave

battery all fucked up making gauges go nutz. just needed new cable connectors.

bumpers were saggging typical for these years of trucks, they don't have very good bumper supports. worked really well

did headlight restoration, it didn't last. need new ebay headlights

all new power steering, was leaking a little, then starting leaking really bad. poppped a seal in the rack

racking up the miles, took it on multiple 500+ mile trips

got new tires. went too big... and they will scrape over shitty bumps, but fuck it. they are 275/55/17. i think some stiffer suspension would help a lot. thinking about better shocks and if i can find some stiffer springs
don't have a side picture yet, got these only a few weeks ago

replacing intake plenum gasket  ::)

blah blah blah timelapse and done

dog at mopar nationals

that sweet sweet MPG

i've cut and buffed and waxed the truck MANY times. it looks pretty good 5 footer

plans for turbo setup

custom hot side using stock manifolds and the head shields, cut off the collectors and weld on some vbands
gt45 ebay turbo
ebay bov and wastegate
bigger injectors and use HPT to tune myself
i'm looking at options for a FMIC, but there is no room at all around the front bumper, this truck stock has a big trans cooler in the front
might look at cutting up the lower part of the bumper valance and squeezing something in there, or else just running non intercooled.
need a newer hemi 1500 truck power steering bump, its a weird shape and allows an easy path for drivers side hot side to crossover to passenger for turbo

going to try to run low boost like 8 or less, but certainly 10 or less. these "kegger" intake manifolds have a removable plenum with a gasket and they don't like to hold a lot of boost

i hope to get it into the 13s with low boost, but honestly. i just wanna hear that SWEET SWEET turbo sounds. even tho the 3.0 duramax in my GMC with a aftermarket intake gives me some but its not the same

there is some random shit i need to do this, like a new welder and a chopsaw. my old arc welder is shitty

non-intercooled + H20/CH4 maybe all ya need  :noel:


--- Quote from: 92CXyD on September 22, 2023, 05:46:57 PM ---non-intercooled + H20/CH4 maybe all ya need  :noel:

--- End quote ---

i thought about that, not sure how complicated it is. i mean the FMIC is a big part of the turbo look though


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