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Sup guys-pic of last night's trash from HMT

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Need another GD mod? ;)

Yea chris tipped me off to this place, I can finally breathe again!

Check out this screenshot of the trash forum from hmt last night during the upgrade... This tool (Rick) was deleting posts left and right and even posts by the mods (see mine at the bottom).

And some other info posted by CoreyR before it was deleted:

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a little heads up would have been nice chris, regardless if you dont think you owe the members that much.

not sure how rick knew the site was for sale if the member base didnt even know. i got this in an IM.

Looking for active communities, up to 4 unique at this time.

5000+ members a must !!!
Automotive related preferred. Niche markets ok (ie: ford escort)

Requirements for sale (NDAs are welcome)

Analytics since inception
Revenue generation information
- adsense
- advertiser sales (proof of payment required & or contracts)
- other advertising network revenues
Avg new users a day
Avg posts and threads daily
Current staff #s
- will staff stay on
Server costs
Licenses included

There will be more requirements, will discuss over the phone.
Will pay more and or less depending on information provided.
Please contact me via pm leaving me your name, number and url.

honestly its your site so you were free to do what you will. total honda tech move though. "


FUCK rick


welcome home :D

What's up  8)


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