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Offical Dyno numbers Thread and 1/4 mile times POST YOURS UP HERE!

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One of my Customers cars..

98 Ek hatch
Unknown Mileage Junkyard b18b1

Turbo kit
-Full Race Manifold
-Precision 6765 Billet (.81ar backside)
-3" Downpipe(Dyno'd Open Downpipe)
-3" Intercooler Piping
-Ebay Large FMIC

-stock map
-dsm 450cc
-stock fpr
-walbro 255 intank

Ls trans

1Bar of Goodness :noel:

The Sled

only slips i have of it is this one

left side
that was on 22" slicks..

the hatches fastest time on the 22s is 7.755.. and in the 1/4 on the 22s... 12.156

trying to get our own set of go ham on.. first and only trial pass on the 24s.. landed a 7.8

carry on bitches..

90 Civic Si

JE 9:1 Pistons/Eagles/Arps
Supertech valvetrain/ITR Cams
Victor X/65mm TB

Lovefab Ramhorn
Precision sc61
Full-Race Backdoor
Tial wg/bov

355whp @ 17 psi tuned on Neptune RTP Demon by Art at YCU.

95 DB8 Teg
81mm LS block
-CP pistons (9:1)
-Eagle Rods
-Arp mains bolts / head bolts
-cometic HG
-Edlebrock vic-X
-880cc Precison
-GM 3bar
-South Florida Performance Splog
-Precision 60/63 T3
-3" DP/Exhaust

no track times yet


more in store..

STD correction was set on 3

91 crx si

jdm d15b 130 hp model
68-64mm pbtuning bored oem throttle body
65mm ported pbtuning d16z6 manifold
00 d16y8 exhaust manifold
eastside palmdale exhaust
pbtuning ported head
old school dh-racing 6 oz crank pulley
12 pound oem flywheel
oczc spec intake
venus spec valve springs
oem camshaft
tuned on crome 1.2

Butt dyno results: faster than b16a swapped crx

93 civic 4 door

b18b1  81.5mm
wiesco -12cc pistons
eagle rods
skank2 valve springs and tit ret
ported intake mani
pbt 74-68mm tb
delta 272/260 cams
stock head ports
flux madness log
holset h1c with 18cm ex (I believe it was still on it)
780cc injectors
full 3" dp and exhaust

at 18psi with a enhanced base map

best track time so far is 13.3 at 118mph spinning through third


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