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Thinking about upgrading my fuel lines on my crx to either -6 or -8 from the gas tank to the fuel rail. Any one have a good write up. Hard line or braided?

3/8" hard line from tank to firewall, AN braided line from firewall to rail.

Gold DA9:
My setup on my hatch -6 from stock fuel filter to 044 to -6 to rail. Will be a -6 from regulator to stock return.

If i get this car in two weeks, im not sure what I will do. But I do want to redo the whole feed line as a -6.

Get the NPT to -6 90* adapter to remove the banjo fitting at the tank. Then run AN all the way to the rail. There is also a -6 fitting to go into the stock rail. You can remove every banjo bolt fitting in the car. Thats how I did it. I think I spent about 300, but that also included fittings, hose ends, and filter to put my 255 inline as well.

Heres my part numbers from my invoice with Jegs. I also had a few parts that I ordered from Earl's, because Jegs didnt have them, or stock them.

4   4   555-110001   #6  STR HOSE END BLACK   4.99   19.96
2   2   799-670470    ADAPTER 6AN MALE TO M10 X   11.99   23.98
1   1   555-110912   #6  LTWT BLACK HOSE 10-FT    59.99    59.99
1   1   555-82035    CUSHION CLAMPS 6AN (10)    9.49    9.49
1   1   799-650133    FUEL FILTER COMP #6 BLACK     24.99    24.99
1   1   799-651670    ELEMENT FOR 5010/13/14   6.99   6.99
1   1   555-80551    WRENCH -6 AN    9.99    9.99

I think I had this for the fitting from the pump (to get rid of the banjo)

AT949091    -6   12mmx1.25    90Deg. METRIC. Male to Male A.N Swivel. Black.       14.56

And then something like this for my fuel rail. Cant remember what the thread pitch was.


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