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Fuel lines

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Awesome, thanks for the part numbers.  :noel:

I think this was the one for the fuel rail
991945    12mmx1.25   -6    Carburetor Adapter Solex, Dellorto, Mikuni       7.45

Oh, and I ordered one of these too.
AT935106    -6    90Deg. Tube Bent, AN Female to AN Female       13.15

Ran that from the fuel rail fitting, to the filter, and then hose back to the inline pump, from the inline pump to the fitting into the tank.

Hold on. Lemme spoon feed you some pictures too. :)

Fuel pump hanger.

Hose end with braided line hooked up.

Fitting in the rail.

Rail. Adapter. Female 90* Adapter. Fuel Filter. Hose End. Braided Line.

255 Inline.

And some pics before I put it in the car.

Stock filter and lines removed.

theidealone your the man!

I like to tap the rail for npt rather than rely on an o-ring. Sure they work, but why not eliminate a potential leak.


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