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92CXyD: LOL bet! 2023 Mar 29 14:40:49

bigdaddyvtec: i mean low key, i miss him... 2023 Mar 29 13:20:47

bigdaddyvtec: SO Im assuming joseph is still a total faggot that makes out wiht clemson queerbaits? 2023 Mar 29 13:20:34

92CXyD: Sweet!! If ya need and help with resources on RHMT, let me MTZ know  :noel: 2023 Mar 29 10:59:52

bigdaddyvtec: Not sure where else to post a build thread.. Seems right here, ill prb also start a section on the webpage im getting up and running 2023 Mar 28 17:24:16

bigdaddyvtec:  O0 2023 Mar 28 15:25:07

92CXyD: Spiker!! 2023 Mar 28 13:33:07

bigdaddyvtec: niggers 2023 Mar 28 13:22:08

92CXyD: If you do PM to post up, maybe if we all beg he'll post!! 2023 Mar 27 10:32:57

92CXyD: Spiker is building a special version of his old Accord, do we want to see a bunch on his build? 2023 Mar 27 10:31:58

92CXyD: Oh ya! I think you told me that before, damn my old-timers!!  :noel: 2023 Mar 27 10:30:41

shadow: i quit fedex a while ago, im a registered nurse  O0 2023 Mar 24 00:38:39

92CXyD: I thought you were still working at FedEx? 2023 Mar 02 13:21:43

shadow: same ol shit. havent worked since dec 31. i kind of like it, except for this california "cold" weather 2023 Mar 01 20:08:52

92CXyD: Sup? 2023 Mar 01 18:49:28

shadow: sup nogs? 2023 Mar 01 17:25:44

MTZ: The gf and I came for a short ski trip to maine been having fun but it’s damn chilly today’s been the warmest at 20f high during the day, the coldest was -15  it’s hard to differentiate after you are close to 0 which has been the average 2023 Feb 28 22:46:31

n/a mike: SoCal mountains and the Sierra Nevada are getting hammered with snow right now. So much snow the ski resorts are closed. 2023 Feb 28 01:49:31

n/a mike: It's been cold in SoCal, but only cold compared to normal. Not cold compared to other places. 2023 Feb 28 01:47:50

92CXyD: Ya we got down to -24 here Wyoming, but the wind helps warm up. Record snow fall this winter we over 60" so far and have more to come 2023 Feb 26 16:15:48

MTZ: It’s fucking cold in maine ❄️ 2023 Feb 24 20:48:54

n/a mike: My skating skills need help for sure. I wish it wasn't $20 each time I go skating. Shit adds up quick 2023 Feb 13 22:58:33

92CXyD: Skating skills are shit, so no beer league for me. But do a bit of hiking from brewery to brewery, locally we have 8 breweries and 7miles total distance. 2023 Feb 13 15:44:20

n/a mike: Yeah I also have a few pucks and synthetic ice so I can do stick handling practice in my apt. In a few years when the kid doesn't want to hangout every weekend I'm going to join an adult beer league. So I figured I could practice now instead of waiting 2023 Feb 10 20:54:19

92CXyD: Mike I mentioned the hockey pucks b/c I know you get some from the games you go to 2023 Feb 10 11:40:03

ratcityrex: Buying this land and building this house and having another kid has pretty much absorbed any time I had to work on cars. I miss wrenching though! 2023 Feb 10 01:53:52

n/a mike: I'm glad I asked here about the hitch, I completely forgot about hockey puck motor mounts. 2023 Feb 09 13:56:01

92CXyD: Here in Wyo, if in the country and not in city, do what you want you are the home builder. If it was being built by contractor then some permitting mainly for utilities 2023 Feb 09 11:32:28

ratcityrex: Yes sir. If it was under 24x36 (864 sf) no permits needed but because it's 2880sf (40x72) i have to jump through s pile of hoops. Next time I'll ask forgiveness instead of permission 2023 Feb 08 17:47:46

92CXyD: Permits I assume  :noel: 2023 Feb 07 10:13:16

ratcityrex: I'll post a couple of things here soon. Going to document my build of my shop. Have a couple of hurdles to handle first with the County. 2023 Feb 06 23:16:26

92CXyD: Good mow build and post something  :noel: 2023 Feb 06 10:55:34

ratcityrex: I ain't dead yet! 2023 Feb 05 12:47:32

92CXyD: W3rd!!!  :noel: :noel: 2023 Jan 26 16:11:37

MTZ:  Money will come and go. We all know that. The most important thing in life will always be the people in this room. Right here, right now."  Toretto 2023 Jan 26 08:43:13

5thgenlx: Funny how 20 years can change things 2023 Jan 08 13:09:22

MTZ: ive changed cars a few times but still driving an old pos 05 rsx, next car is probably going to be an acura MDX need more space for the kids 2023 Jan 08 12:57:02

5thgenlx: Am I the only sad sack still driving the same mid 90’s shitbox since this site opened? 2023 Jan 08 12:51:56

MTZ: site had been kind of slow on my phone , i did some site maintenance and db optimizations seems better now 2023 Jan 08 11:27:47

Eggylshatch: Made me sad. It was fun to watch his daughter drive the Hoonicorn and get into rally, hard to not think about the family 2023 Jan 05 18:22:50

MTZ: 🪦 he sure knew how to have fun in a car 2023 Jan 05 11:20:22

92CXyD: Yep  :noel: 2023 Jan 03 15:00:29

weirtech: so sad about Ken Block... 2023 Jan 03 14:20:44

92CXyD: Happy Holidays Nogs!!!  :noel: 2022 Dec 25 20:50:27

MTZ: happy holidays fam of :mexi: 2022 Dec 23 08:36:34

92CXyD: Nevermind I fixed it  :noel: 2022 Dec 19 11:36:11

92CXyD: Rene tried changing it and it will not let me 2022 Dec 19 11:34:09

MTZ: Hey Russ your email keeps bouncing back all stuff from the site just giving you a heads up, you might want it that way lol but in case you don’t 🤣 2022 Dec 18 18:42:01

MTZ: Xmas is here Nogs buy car parts   :evil: 2022 Dec 02 13:41:50

weirtech: that's too bad. :P 2022 Dec 01 16:11:01

92CXyD: I want to, but can't  :noel: 2022 Nov 30 10:26:58

weirtech: who is going to the PRI show in indianapolis next week? 2022 Nov 29 16:07:41

MTZ:  :Jew: 2022 Nov 27 13:18:21

rawr:  :mexi: 2022 Nov 24 10:16:06

j.h.christ:  :mexi: 2022 Nov 18 14:42:44

92CXyD: A smile is a smile  :noel: 2022 Nov 15 10:37:53

rawr: Nissan frontier and the 944......... I put more miles on bicycles than I do driving now though :X 2022 Nov 15 00:59:45

MTZ: Fuck Rick p till we keel 🤘🏻 2022 Nov 13 14:46:08

AJxr: Y’all still doing this? 2022 Nov 13 13:23:06

MTZ: good to see old faces around again! visit more often, what have you guys been driving as of late? 2022 Nov 11 22:24:16

92CXyD: 16yrs for me 2022 Nov 11 10:38:58

Donald125: 20 years it is. I remember clear as days hitting up homemadeturbo.com at the college library. 2022 Nov 11 03:15:59

Donald125: Nukkas 2022 Nov 11 03:05:48

Semnos: Still see some OG names in here. Damn it has been 20 years 2022 Nov 11 02:06:40

Semnos: Hi Guys...just dropping in after a few years. Remembering the good old times. 2022 Nov 11 02:05:33

MTZ: outgoing emails from forum werent working correctly it is now fixed! thx user 90hatch for the heads up! 2022 Nov 06 15:12:15

weirtech: stevemode going to SEMA? anyone else? 2022 Oct 31 14:38:02

92CXyD: If you mean South Africa then ya... else where?... 2022 Oct 31 10:14:45

Stealthmode: I am well respected in my country. 2022 Oct 29 22:02:17

MTZ: The tranny god himself 2022 Oct 19 11:17:53

ohisofly: Ah nice, I remember him from crxcommunity 2022 Oct 13 23:26:09

92CXyD: Mista Bones was 2022 Oct 12 12:32:41

ohisofly: Who was at tail of the dragon this past weekend? Spotted a rhmt sticker on a brown ef wagon  O0 2022 Oct 11 21:12:37

MTZ: Hello 🌈 s 🤣 2022 Oct 02 10:56:25

Joseph Davis: Where's Spencer these days 2022 Sep 20 14:56:59

92CXyD: What Aaron? 2022 Sep 20 14:29:45

weirtech: good morning everyone 2022 Sep 20 09:55:09

92CXyD: OGs check out the 2023 Las Wages thread!!!! 2022 Sep 14 12:13:17

Travis: hello homo's 2022 Aug 18 12:24:32

92CXyD: Howdy   :noel: 2022 Aug 17 09:02:36

n/a mike: 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 2022 Aug 16 17:34:16

bigdaddyvtec: Fuckiing Fagots 2022 Aug 15 18:22:19

92CXyD: hell ya!   :noel: 2022 Aug 08 13:35:38

MTZ: Should be closing on the apt today 😅 fucking finally 2022 Aug 08 09:56:47

Ntrain2k: twatwaffle 2022 Aug 05 15:43:45

92CXyD: MTZ, should be gettin' easier since rates are going up and price starting to drop starting to see it a bit in my area 2022 Jul 13 12:02:19

MTZ: 🧑🏿‍🦱 2022 Jun 29 13:10:18

MTZ: rawr the FHA market is available but buying real estate is fucking wild like 100 qualified people per unit being sold 2022 May 24 09:46:19

MTZ: Working on getting a condo unit for cheap(repo), priced before the hikes instant equity. It’s in good shape, the RHMT base in PR 🔥 2022 May 24 09:45:07

92CXyD: What about VA loans? 2022 May 19 10:21:15

rawr: that sucks 2022 May 18 20:25:30

rawr: so you cant get an FHA loan in PR? 2022 May 18 20:25:28

rawr: 8=============D 2022 May 18 20:24:53

MTZ: trying to get an apt in PR, and its proving tuff to find banks to finance, its a non warrantable (non freddie and fannie) and these fucking banks want 20% down  2022 May 17 13:14:34

92CXyD: Where? 2022 May 17 12:14:59

MTZ: Buying real estate in this market sucks BALLS 🤕 2022 May 17 02:01:14

92CXyD: Started tread in Og section 2022 Apr 22 11:35:45

n/a mike: I'm there, just let me know the date 2022 Apr 21 21:32:40

92CXyD: Las Wages meet 2023, anybody interested? 2022 Apr 21 13:46:49

n/a mike: Yuriy left like 4 Trulys at my place last time he was there. They weren't as bad as I expected, I'd never buy one, but 7/10 would drunk again. 2022 Apr 15 15:56:47

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