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Daspoop/Trevor YOU WILL BE MISSED, RIP (link)  :'(


Joseph Davis: He also hated dirty Cambodians.  I will always miss that about him. 2021 Sep 18 05:04:17

92CXyD: Jason exemplify the best in all of us Nogs, he was the weld that kept all of our community together  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( 2021 Sep 17 14:15:59

n/a mike:  :'( Rest in Peace FlipNog 2021 Sep 17 02:54:23

bigdaddyvtec: RIP FLIPNOG :( 2021 Sep 17 02:11:47

Joseph Davis: Database error when I try to cast shade on Evans? 2021 Sep 16 09:23:12

n/a mike: You know I'm down. Zach out in St George would go too 2021 Sep 12 02:32:44

92CXyD: Any of NOGs interested in doing a RHMT meet in Vegas in 2023? 2021 Sep 12 01:56:15

92CXyD:  :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: 2021 Sep 09 09:00:12

MTZ:  :noel: :noel: :noel: 2021 Sep 08 23:37:45

MTZ:  ;DDD 2021 Aug 27 19:59:52

Ntrain2k: twatwaffle 2021 Aug 27 06:13:10

MTZ: i need to keep at it when i get some free time 2021 Aug 16 14:43:55

MTZ:  the last thing i did to try and fix those issues was convert the whole database to utf8mb4  but it still craps out as it originally did. 2021 Aug 16 14:41:58

rawr: might be an issue with how SQL is being escaped? 2021 Aug 16 14:40:42

rawr: when i removed all commas, dashes and slashes, it lets me post 2021 Aug 16 14:40:20

rawr: Well. If its a UTF issue, it might be the same since I'm posting from a linux machine. 2021 Aug 16 14:35:05

MTZ: I say mobile compatibility because all those errors are utf issues 2021 Aug 16 13:51:30

MTZ: Ran some error scanning and fixing. I doubt anything was actually fixed, mobile compatibility is harder than i thought 2021 Aug 16 13:47:28

rawr: yea its just throwing a db error 2021 Aug 16 13:28:09

MTZ: Pm* 2021 Aug 16 13:27:13

MTZ: Weird.. I sent you a test on just now, let me check the errors log 2021 Aug 16 13:26:59

rawr: from pc 2021 Aug 16 13:25:35

MTZ: You trying from pc or phone ? 2021 Aug 16 13:25:17

rawr: cant post or send PMs currently 2021 Aug 16 13:20:01

MTZ: Thx for asking we are good! Still have a small storm enroute but dont expect anything major from that either 2021 Aug 14 11:57:08

92CXyD: MTZ I here Puerto Rico and Haiti got hit by a quake, you ok? 2021 Aug 14 11:49:46

jabberwock: Not for this though… at least not yet 2021 Aug 13 22:01:58

92CXyD: HondaTuningSuite is an alternative :noel: 2021 Aug 13 09:11:43

n/a mike: Hondata suing Dave Blundell left a bad taste in my mouth. 2021 Aug 12 22:05:44

MTZ: it appears to be favored by most tuners 2021 Aug 12 21:41:34

jabberwock: I don’t want to support hondata but it seems like the better product 2021 Aug 12 21:39:30

MTZ: the obd versions are less glitchy than rsx stuff 2021 Aug 12 21:20:37

MTZ: picky/slow to connect or disconnect or upload but it always works, i like its wideband corrections etc its good 2021 Aug 12 21:15:37

MTZ: i have never messed with hondata..., my rsx has ktuner and i have no real complaints, live tuning works etc bit picky sometimes but nothing like chrome 2021 Aug 12 21:14:32

jabberwock: Hondata or ktuner? 2021 Aug 12 21:03:36

MTZ: Dont be shy  O0 s, its great to see old faces  ;DDD 2021 Aug 12 15:05:57

n/a mike: 6' span not 6" 2021 Aug 12 00:27:25

n/a mike: I know it's pretty strong, I'm just not sure it can handle my 260lbs of hotpockets standing in the middle of a 6" span 2021 Aug 12 00:26:55

MTZ: shit looks well built 2021 Aug 11 20:32:32

n/a mike: Something like that. 2021 Aug 11 18:07:49

n/a mike: I was thinking 6 or 8 towers mounted to the rain gutters. Then building a "deck" out of the 80/20 2021 Aug 11 18:04:26

92CXyD: if the top has some ribs in it ya should be, I'd avoid stand in middle just in case. 2021 Aug 11 18:00:04

n/a mike: Thinking about building a diy roof rack for my van. Is 80/20 strong enough to support my fat ass walking around on it? 2021 Aug 11 17:52:45

MTZ: Malichite we need your wisdom on the mod forum  O0 2021 Aug 10 17:02:43

92CXyD: MTZ we have a question in Mod forum for you... :noel: 2021 Aug 10 16:47:54

n/a mike: Knowing Jay it's probably an ID ten T error 2021 Aug 09 20:41:57

92CXyD: Jason your profile says you are a global mod it should work for you 2021 Aug 06 08:49:36

92CXyD: I can post in mod forum no issues, would like to see all Mods post in the mod forum to be sure everything is working 2021 Aug 06 08:49:00

MTZ: @Apex where you posting from a phone by any chance? 2021 Aug 05 22:19:46

MTZ: russ can you try to post in the moderator forum as far as i know there should be no issues i also made a test account and upgraded to mod was able to post 2021 Aug 05 21:20:54

ApexSilver06MR: Why in the hell can I not post in the moderator forum? 2021 Aug 05 14:12:08

92CXyD: ya that would be good 2021 Aug 05 09:04:39

n/a mike: I'm thinking a hitch mount on the crosstrek to help aerodynamics and mpg. The biggest plus is the awd and more room without being a big vehicle 2021 Aug 03 21:09:54

n/a mike: With my roof racks on the crz i get about 35mpg, with the bikes on the roof I'm getting 28mpg. 2021 Aug 03 21:08:37

92CXyD: Not as good gas mileage, more room in the crosstrek 2021 Aug 03 16:33:19

n/a mike: Thinking about trading my daily driver crz for a new crosstrek. Any of you guys hear bad things about the crosstrek? 2021 Aug 03 14:24:39

MTZ: Good to see you! 2021 Aug 01 17:30:47

ApexSilver06MR: What’s up turds. I’m back bitches!!!!!  I’ll get on helping the forum come Monday. 2021 Aug 01 12:13:34

rawr:  :noel: 2021 Jul 28 10:58:22

92CXyD: :noel: 2021 Jul 27 13:46:05

MTZ:  :Jew: O0 :mexi: 2021 Jul 27 13:35:20

MTZ: site should look almost 100% as it did on the old host 2021 Jul 23 13:15:54

MTZ: some css modifications were made, users may need to delete their history to get the latest "theme" version 2021 Jul 23 13:14:39

MTZ: just split it into its own "howto embed" thread on general 2021 Jul 23 12:31:49

92CXyD: Perfect 2021 Jul 23 12:28:01

MTZ: russ, i tried a few different versions an updated on "Re: We are back, Yet again !" last post 2021 Jul 23 11:58:37

92CXyD: video can only be youtube vids? 2021 Jul 23 09:10:32

MTZ: morning fam  O0 im finishing up the https and video embedding and gonna take a nap ;) 2021 Jul 23 06:26:58

MTZ: site is now running under secure connection HTTPS ! 2021 Jul 23 03:03:19

jabberwock: Lookin good 2021 Jul 21 20:30:11

MTZ: thx for pointing it out O0 2021 Jul 21 12:34:06

n/a mike: Yeah it's working now. Good shit 2021 Jul 21 12:33:05

MTZ: mike the forum found the error and fixed it when i ran a scan! 2021 Jul 21 12:31:03

MTZ: Certbot part is good stuff its the http proxy and pathing everything out in index css,and theme thats become a pain in the rear but soon! 2021 Jul 21 10:09:29

rawr: and porting this bitch to docker would be pretty simple 2021 Jul 21 09:08:14

rawr: use certbot to setup https it makes it so easy 2021 Jul 21 09:07:59

92CXyD: Post up some projects!!!! I'm fucking jonesing here!!!!!! :noel: 2021 Jul 20 23:25:33

Ntrain2k: twatwaffle 2021 Jul 20 18:18:12

MTZ: s ure would be nice if walter would get on and tell us more about this diy dyno  :mexi 2021 Jul 20 17:04:04

MTZ: i plan on trying to move it to https sooner than later 2021 Jul 20 16:57:03

MTZ: all the .php ini changes i had to do would have been a huge pain in the ass with shared hosting 2021 Jul 20 16:55:04

malichite: glad you were able to take it on 2021 Jul 20 16:55:00

malichite: you did a great job though 2021 Jul 20 16:54:55

malichite: again, I suck at having time 2021 Jul 20 16:54:50

malichite: I always wanted to get it ported over to docker to make it easier to move around.... 2021 Jul 20 16:54:45

malichite: fuck shared hosting 2021 Jul 20 16:54:31

malichite: You own the machine from the OS up 2021 Jul 20 16:54:28

malichite: VPS is the best way to go 2021 Jul 20 16:54:24

MTZ: i put up a vps apache sql lol all that 1 google tutorial at a time  ;DDD 2021 Jul 20 16:52:50

malichite: I had it hosted on bluehost and they changed something finally and had it all dicked up and I just couldn't get them to admit to what they fucked up 2021 Jul 20 16:51:56

malichite: Once you get it running, it usually is pretty damn stable 2021 Jul 20 16:51:36

malichite: between that, family, airplane to finish building, and giving the girlfriend some time as well...There isn't much left for time 2021 Jul 20 16:50:48

malichite: I do it for work all day erraday and by the end of the day I'm spent 2021 Jul 20 16:50:14

malichite: haha, nice 2021 Jul 20 16:50:03

MTZ: lots of command line lol 1st time ive done a site but gld we are here ! 2021 Jul 20 16:49:47

MTZ: i feel like i've been running a marathon for a week, i had LOTS of knowledge gaps  :D 2021 Jul 20 16:49:15

malichite: My life has just gotten way to busy and out of control 2021 Jul 20 16:44:01

malichite: Thanks to all for picking it up. 2021 Jul 20 16:43:50

malichite: Nice, well done! 2021 Jul 20 16:43:44

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