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Got video of your car doing rippers or dirty 2/3rds? post them up! (link)


Joseph Davis: Where's Spencer these days 2022 Sep 20 14:56:59

92CXyD: What Aaron? 2022 Sep 20 14:29:45

weirtech: good morning everyone 2022 Sep 20 09:55:09

92CXyD: OGs check out the 2023 Las Wages thread!!!! 2022 Sep 14 12:13:17

Travis: hello homo's 2022 Aug 18 12:24:32

92CXyD: Howdy   :noel: 2022 Aug 17 09:02:36

n/a mike: 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 2022 Aug 16 17:34:16

bigdaddyvtec: Fuckiing Fagots 2022 Aug 15 18:22:19

92CXyD: hell ya!   :noel: 2022 Aug 08 13:35:38

MTZ: Should be closing on the apt today 😅 fucking finally 2022 Aug 08 09:56:47

Ntrain2k: twatwaffle 2022 Aug 05 15:43:45

92CXyD: MTZ, should be gettin' easier since rates are going up and price starting to drop starting to see it a bit in my area 2022 Jul 13 12:02:19

MTZ: 🧑🏿‍🦱 2022 Jun 29 13:10:18

MTZ: rawr the FHA market is available but buying real estate is fucking wild like 100 qualified people per unit being sold 2022 May 24 09:46:19

MTZ: Working on getting a condo unit for cheap(repo), priced before the hikes instant equity. It’s in good shape, the RHMT base in PR 🔥 2022 May 24 09:45:07

92CXyD: What about VA loans? 2022 May 19 10:21:15

rawr: that sucks 2022 May 18 20:25:30

rawr: so you cant get an FHA loan in PR? 2022 May 18 20:25:28

rawr: 8=============D 2022 May 18 20:24:53

MTZ: trying to get an apt in PR, and its proving tuff to find banks to finance, its a non warrantable (non freddie and fannie) and these fucking banks want 20% down  2022 May 17 13:14:34

92CXyD: Where? 2022 May 17 12:14:59

MTZ: Buying real estate in this market sucks BALLS 🤕 2022 May 17 02:01:14

92CXyD: Started tread in Og section 2022 Apr 22 11:35:45

n/a mike: I'm there, just let me know the date 2022 Apr 21 21:32:40

92CXyD: Las Wages meet 2023, anybody interested? 2022 Apr 21 13:46:49

n/a mike: Yuriy left like 4 Trulys at my place last time he was there. They weren't as bad as I expected, I'd never buy one, but 7/10 would drunk again. 2022 Apr 15 15:56:47

92CXyD: There is no Law when Yuri is drinkin' white claw   O0 O0 O0 O0 2022 Apr 13 17:31:44

92CXyD: CBR! who is in? 2022 Apr 12 10:07:14

n/a mike:  :mexi:  :mexi: :mexi: 2022 Mar 29 13:59:58

rawr: 8==D 2022 Mar 16 22:23:12

MTZ: Putin is set on upsetting the world order, seems like China is not going to play with the UN on sanctioning Russia which spells bad news for our economy if we also sanction China at some point. I Need a surgeon who does slanty eyes 😅😂 2022 Mar 09 13:24:45

n/a mike: My 401k and stocks got dragged into it a week ago. Today was the first day I didn't lose money 2022 Feb 24 17:36:55

92CXyD: Putin invade Ukraine, wonder how soon we get dragged into this war?  2022 Feb 24 11:28:41

MTZ: 🥲 take care nogs, hope he recovers quick 2022 Feb 22 12:12:37

92CXyD: Another Nog in motorcycle accident, looks like he may survive but just. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010905739215 2022 Feb 22 11:46:10

92CXyD: both groups, adding ya  :noel: 2022 Feb 17 15:03:34

n/a mike: Can someone add me back to the fb group? 2022 Feb 16 18:28:57

MTZ: It’s true 👇 2022 Feb 16 09:34:03

tekno: fuck xenocron and hotsex has herpes 2022 Feb 14 05:47:41

n/a mike: Already hung out with Yuriy once this year, he'll already be gone by May. I don't have any desire to hangout with JD. 2022 Feb 11 17:21:59

bigdaddyvtec: chico mid may. Texas mid march holler for proper assfucking fgts 2022 Feb 11 17:14:29

bigdaddyvtec: JDLLBPP 2022 Feb 11 17:13:59

bigdaddyvtec: Yuriy is fgt 2022 Feb 11 17:13:53

n/a mike: Gonna be in Bryson city a few days, Hendersonville area a day or two, and Charlotte a day or two 2022 Feb 08 17:18:25

n/a mike: Anyone besides the bald asshole in the Charlotte/Asheville area? 90% sure I'll be out that way in May, it'd be cool to grab a drink and bs with some of you 2022 Feb 08 17:16:14

92CXyD: Front page looking good 2022 Feb 08 13:23:50

MTZ:  :noel: :noel: :noel: 2022 Feb 05 12:57:55

MTZ: smf on latest version now 2022 Feb 05 12:53:27

MTZ: front page updated ! i will update smf version soon too, just need to make a new snapshot of current config. 2022 Feb 05 12:17:42

92CXyD: Rene change front page I can't 2022 Jan 31 18:31:10

MTZ: will turn you out  2022 Jan 31 17:22:59

jabberwock: CRX 2022 Jan 24 23:19:19

92CXyD: Awesome!! 2022 Jan 17 22:56:59

n/a mike: Might make a post and throw them in, might not 2022 Jan 15 16:54:54

n/a mike: Hung out with Yuriy for a few hours this morning. We went to the largest weekly Cars and Coffee.  Even though it was raining they filled up the parking lot. I took a few pictures 2022 Jan 15 16:54:30

MTZ: I backed into a Subaru this morning with the rsx 😵😓 guess it’s a good excuse for a new paint job but gd 2022 Jan 14 21:03:30

CivicOCD: sup nogs O0 2022 Jan 14 17:30:33

MTZ: Sounds like the homie had a hell of a trip 😅 2022 Jan 14 13:28:41

92CXyD: He is heading to Seattle and Portland after Idaho then Cali  and south route back to Texas. 2022 Jan 07 12:40:57

92CXyD: Almost did multiple times, I80 and I25 were having rolling closures for the last 3days. 2022 Jan 07 12:39:54

92CXyD: Next day he drives to Idaho took him 10hrs, thru the mountains, missing the hwy 28 road closure matter of minutes, and whiteouts thru the mountains. 2022 Jan 07 12:38:04

92CXyD: Yuri text me this morning he left Casper made it to Riverton, to much white knuckle driving to continue, he start the drive at like 3pm. 2022 Jan 07 12:36:50

n/a mike: He'll be in SoCal soon, weather here is nice, but it rained for 2 weeks straight last month 2022 Jan 07 01:44:28

MTZ:  :noel: :noel: :noel: 2022 Jan 05 15:56:58

92CXyD: Yuri stuck in Casper due to weather, may have to take him back out for drink again tonight.  :noel: 2022 Jan 05 15:39:21

MTZ: I’ve been recovering from Covid this week (unvax) shits just a flu x2 sucks but it’s just a flu ... 2022 Jan 04 00:45:52

MTZ: Get the man back on the site 🙏🏻 2022 Jan 04 00:45:05

92CXyD: speaking of Yuri, anyone got picts from this thread https://realhomemadeturbo.com/forum/index.php?topic=13122.0 2022 Jan 03 15:42:04

92CXyD: POST UP Yuri!!!! 2022 Jan 03 15:21:32

92CXyD: P 2022 Jan 03 15:21:19

92CXyD: BoostedSchemes (Yuri) need to put up a thread on all his latest cross country travels, he'll be visiting me mid week and I know he has visited a bunch of Nogs already. 2022 Jan 03 15:21:14

MTZ: happy new year ! hope this new year brings yall many blessings ! 2021 Dec 31 23:00:15

MTZ: 😅 2021 Dec 30 13:34:32

n/a mike: Disregard, I need to let shit go 2021 Dec 26 23:54:31

n/a mike: *for legal reasons... 2021 Dec 26 22:42:45

n/a mike: Trying to find a vehicle i used to own 2021 Dec 26 22:42:23

n/a mike: Anyone get a name from a California license plate or vin? 2021 Dec 26 22:38:53

Conceptz-X: Merry Christmas 2021 Dec 25 21:10:50

n/a mike: Merry Christmas and happy holidays bitches 2021 Dec 25 01:31:24

MTZ: Happy holidays niggers  O0 2021 Dec 20 17:41:23

92CXyD: sort of I think he has to deal with partners more 2021 Dec 17 13:56:09

MTZ: Really just a rename then ? 2021 Dec 16 22:16:20

92CXyD: Spiker, Chris is closing Xenocron to do more with https://racespeconline.com/ 2021 Dec 15 12:51:45

92CXyD: My thoughts exactly 2021 Dec 13 12:12:25

bigdaddyvtec: He made enough to retire. Good for him and fuck him at the same time lol 2021 Dec 12 12:37:23

MTZ: Shoot me the pic link and txt I’ll upload it ASAP 2021 Dec 03 00:57:26

92CXyD: Rene haven't changed the front page, don't know how 2021 Dec 02 23:05:33

MTZ:  :noel: 2021 Dec 02 20:56:03

92CXyD: On Daspoops old 1G Integra, I've had for last 6yrs or so, the 92-95 civic 2.5" exhaust with minor adjustments except the axle back wow. 2021 Dec 02 10:03:32

92CXyD: 20% off all posted prices 2021 Nov 23 21:28:11

MTZ: Can’t wait for the clearance sale prices, sad to see him close up though 2021 Nov 23 21:16:54

92CXyD: https://www.xenocron.com/ closing shop end of year  :noel: 2021 Nov 23 14:36:09

92CXyD: most do, so far I've been lucky with my highlander hybrid, at 215k  miles in 9yrs 2021 Nov 17 01:10:09

n/a mike: Do all cvt transmissions suck and break or is it just honda 2021 Nov 16 02:15:04

MTZ: should have ! 2021 Nov 15 16:29:21

ratcityrex: You hit up Mike @ lsd motorsports? 2021 Nov 13 18:56:24

MTZ: they cancelled the exedy pp cc clutch combo i wanted 2021 Nov 11 09:29:54

MTZ: finally picked up a clutch masters FX400 for the rsx hopefully this week ill get to do work 2021 Nov 11 09:24:31

92CXyD: ideas for front page? 2021 Nov 09 10:31:55

92CXyD:  :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: :noel: 2021 Oct 31 00:42:41

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