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Got video of your car doing rippers or dirty 2/3rds? post them up! (link)

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Author Topic: Ohisofly's 91 Crx  (Read 34917 times)


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Re: Ohisofly's 91 Crx
« Reply #240 on: July 17, 2021, 05:41:33 pm »

Glad the forum is back online  O0  Got this thing up and running, no dyno numbers yet but I probably have 100 miles on it or so. I need to iron out a handful of things before it's ready to go on the dyno so it'll still be a little while

so clean #drools
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Re: Ohisofly's 91 Crx
« Reply #241 on: September 01, 2021, 10:20:07 am »

I've slowly been chipping away at things. To fix the tires being way taller in the front I changed out the r888 195/50/R15s in the back for some 195/65R15 Kumho Ecsta's which certainly help make it look more even. In the process of getting the new tires put on the tech didn't realize he marked up my rim, but thankfully the shop had a mobile wheel repair person fix it free of charge to me. You can't even tell that mark was there anymore so I don't care that much about it, just hope they're more careful next time.

I also raised the rear of the car 1.5" to even it out some more, but while I was loosening the rear LCA's to unload the suspension I ended up snapping two of the lca bolts. One was seized to the bushing and one was seized to the nut that's tack welded to the body.

After cutting out the bushings I'm waiting on new bushings and bolts which I should have this weekend, so if all goes well I can get it back on the road. I still have to cut the tack welded nuts off so that should be interesting.

I put LED lights in the cluster and found out my cluster lights weren't working because I had some small black plastic thing under the dash unplugged

Looks much better

When I was initially driving my car around I noticed the fuel gauge wasn't working (always said empty) so I took the level sensor out. It looks like the part is discontinued, and I got one from the junkyard that had the same problem, so I used a piece of wire and some solder to do this ghetto fix

Basically because of the corrosion and the part being 30 years old, there was way too much resistance between these two pieces that I connected with the white wire. Once I added that wire, my fuel gauge started working like normal

Aside from starting it up every couple of weeks, I haven't really driven it much lately. Two weeks ago I changed out the thermostat for a 170 degree stant that I drilled two holes in, so hopefully this weekend I can see if that helps with my overheating issues.
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Re: Ohisofly's 91 Crx
« Reply #242 on: September 15, 2021, 11:14:02 am »

when I broke suspension bolts in the nuts welded to the body, we heated what was left of the bolt cherry red, then it came out with vice grips.
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